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At Huber Restorations integrity is our watchword. This is evident in our billing policies, workmanship, and our desire to listen, recommend options, and implement your decisions. It’s our policy to establish a good rapport with our customers. Without a good line of communication, a project is destined for failure. We desire to build on success.


At regular intervals we provide documentation on your project including:  Photos covering before, during, and after repairs - Invoices containing labor, parts & materials - Updates on unknown variables.  Our policy is to work in an organized and efficient manner. We approach each task with proven methods, quality materials, and the proper tools. The goal is to give our customers the ultimate labor hour for every one charged. When searching for a reputable automobile restoration, you will find that services are charged by time and materials, as are ours. The condition of the project you start with and your own personal desires will determine the amount of time/cost.  We’re here to build your dream.


Restoration Cost Estimation:

Because of the variables involved in the restoration or the custom building of a project, exact time estimates will not be accurate. Examples of such variables:

  • Hidden sheet metal rust. Rust is usually trapped in many areas that are not visible and can only be found after every body panel is removed and stripped to bare metal.
  • Missing and/or wrong trim and interior items.
  • Unavailable repair panels needing to be fabricated.
  • Changes in the desired level of fit and finish after the project has begun.

Based on some of the above variables, it is easy to see how inaccurate an estimate of labor, materials, and parts cost could be. In general, all restoration projects have a finite amount of allocated funds. An estimate is a starting point for a well executed restoration that will achieve the most customer fulfillment and satisfaction. It has been our experience that restoration is never an exact process. In fact, it is ever evolving as new ideas come up, unknown conditions are found, or the project increases in magnitude. It is important to have confidence in the knowledge and integrity of the people responsible for your vehicle.


It’s Your Restoration Dream...We Make It Come True.


  • Complete or partial restorations
  • Mechanical, interior, paint and body work
  • Engine compartment and undercarriage detailing
  • Show quality paintwork
  • A full-service, one-stop restoration shop for over 30 years 

Huber Restorations will restore the body of your vehicle to its beautiful original condition. From show cars and hot rods to daily transportation vehicles, we can accommodate everything...however, we do limit the number and type of projects that we undertake to insure every customer’s restoration is done to our, and your, exacting standards.

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