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Huber Restorations Projects

  • Mercedes Benz 190 SL

  • Cosmetic restoration of a Mercedes 190 SL

  • 190 SL Roadster
    • Project Detail Galleries: Mercedes Benz 190 SL
    • 1. Sheet metal repairs
      • Here are a few images of our repair process. We try to save as much of the good original sheet metal as possible. You can see this clearly in the following photos.

      • Paint removed, ready for repairs
      • Fabricated patch panel
      • Repairs in progress
      • Right front area restored
      • Proper fender shape.
      • On to the cowl area of the same right fender
      • Patch panel
      • Completed right fender
      • Right rear quarter
      • Left cowl area.
    • 2. Completed metal work