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Accounting & Payment Policy:   Our billing policy has built in checks and balances to protect both the customer and Huber Restorations. All work is performed and billed on a time and material basis. Labor time is tracked on time cards. We require a payment in advance to start your project. Labor, parts, and materials are charged against the deposited amount. When your account balance nears zero an additional deposit will be required for future labor, parts, and materials. Maintaining a positive account balance is vital to insure uninterrupted progress with minimal delays on your vehicle. This process continues until the restoration is complete. A monthly statement of account balance will be sent detailing the progress on your vehicle. The dollar amount to get started varies depending on the project. The minimum down payment is $2000. If your account balance is zero or negative more than thirty days from your statement date, Huber Restorations may at our discretion charge a storage fee of $10/day until the account is paid in full. In addition to the storage fee the vehicle may be rescheduled to a position of our choosing. These fees are meant to maintain scheduling and job flow efficiency for all our customers and to avoid becoming a free parking lot. It is important that one understands the billing policy in order to maintain a restoration without untimely stops and starts. Our desire is to work together to make your dream into a reality.

Thank you for choosing Huber Restorations.